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My practice

My photographic practice draws on both conventional documentary/reportage and a more crafted editorial approach. In the case of assignments my approach builds on personal communication to get a full sense of the client’s expectations, combined with the given brief and my own research around the core subject in order to develop a broad understanding of the context before arriving at a shoot.

My speciality is people pictures and personal interaction with the people I photograph is of great importance. I take pride in aspiring to a unique photographic outcome, arising from the interaction between my photographic skills and experience and the personal, social or professional contexts in which the subject operates. This remains true whether or not these elements are visible within the frame - the images I capture reach beyond two-dimensional communication, conveying aspects of all these factors through depth and subtlety.

To best achieve these aims, I remain open to new ideas throughout a shoot. Within commissions I may offer suggestions or make subtle adjustments to the setting while framing and shooting if I think it will help capture the right image. Where appropriate location lighting can be added to produce more controlled light levels. Established, long-term working relationships with organisations, groups or communities add further depth to my work as my subjects become more relaxed. Through continuity of engagement, I blend into a shared experience.

My business ethics

My approach to business relationships is principled and committed. It is reinforced and guided by work ethics growing out of my Buddhist practice. This means that I deliver highest photographic standards, high quality post-production of digital images and a swift turnaround as well a strictly ethical approach to my clients, subjects and suppliers as well as people I may collaborate with.

About me

I am a German-born photographer living and working in Birmingham since 2000. Building on my previous graphic design background, I studied photography and graduated with a 1st class degree from the Birmingham City University’s Institute of Art and Design in 2004 after which I began my career as a freelance photo journalist.

I am a member of the Triratna Buddhist Order and was given the name Alokavira (Sanskrit ‘Hero of Light’) during my ordination in 2004.

I am a member of the National Union of Journalists and the photo agency Report Digital.

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